Autumn highlights of the forest tour

Thousands of geese were resting in the Parikkala this autumn. I had followed some great situations when the predators had plundered goose.

                                  Young eagle has got captive Barnacle goose.

   Barnacle goose got bad injuries in the attack of the beast.

                                                            Frosty morning mist.

                                             Goose have exhausted the field.

                                              Swans guarding the geese.
                                     Swans are awesome birds!

                                                                Geese migration.

Frosty art.

                            The field is beautiful after frosty night.



Finnish nature is very beautiful in the spring, because from wild flowers are in abundance in the forests. Hepatica and anemones can be admired for some time before the bloom is over.

Spring is the best time for bird watchers. A particularly spectacular here in south-eastern Finland is the Arctic bird migration.
Barnacle stops fields thousands of resting.


Toward the summer #Parikkala#Siikalahti

For the past few days there have arrived a lot of migrants to Finland. I'ts the best time of year enjoy of nature.
Siikalahti in Parikkala is a gorgeous place to admire birds.
Common Coldeneye
Common Coot
             Western Marsh Harrier
Hundreds of Common Black-headed Gullheaded gulls migration.

Common Coots chase after each other.

Parikkala has many excellent places where you can observe birds and
Siikalahti, Tetrisuo, Lammintausta, Pohjaranta, Tarassiinlahti and many other places.

    Capricorns are very nice animals! (Capreolus capreolus)
    Pictures have taken in Teterisuo 9.4.2016

Swans and Canad Gooses resting on a field in Tetrisuo.


#Eurasian #Pygmy Owl and #Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Pygmy Owl came to the backyard to hunt small birds. It was so focused on catching prey that I got close to take photographs.
Pygmy Owl is only about a size of a fist. It is very sympathetic bird.

It is smallest owl in Europe. The owl preys on birds some nearly as large as itself and small mammals, such as voles.
It nests in old woodpecker holes, often those of the great spotted woodpecker,

This starling-sized bird hunts at dawn, dusk, and even daytime, rather than in total darkness. 

A small woodpecker, not much large than a sparrow. Head black an white, back mainly whitish whit  black crosswise spotted markings. Underparts pale whit narrow, dark streaking. No red coluring on vent.

It can be found in the bulrushes looking for small larvae.
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is really very beautiful and sympathetic bird.
This handsome was in Hamina when I was nature excursion with my brother's .

For comparison here are picture for Great spotted woodpecker and Whit-backed woodpecker.
Great spotted woodpecker

Whit-backed woodpecker


#Winter life

Winter life

Here in Finland winter has been very cold. Frost have been for many weeks over -20. Some day here was frost -34 degree.
Birds have been in big trouble, and some of them have died of cold.

Beautiful cold winter day, frost -31
Squirrel is not afraid of the frost. 

The squirrel path
So i'ts winter!
The magpie looking for food.

#Vaaranmäki, Saari, Finland

One morning
The Fairy-tale forest

The drying barn