Toward the summer #Parikkala#Siikalahti

For the past few days there have arrived a lot of migrants to Finland. I'ts the best time of year enjoy of nature.
Siikalahti in Parikkala is a gorgeous place to admire birds.
Common Coldeneye
Common Coot
             Western Marsh Harrier
Hundreds of Common Black-headed Gullheaded gulls migration.

Common Coots chase after each other.

Parikkala has many excellent places where you can observe birds and
Siikalahti, Tetrisuo, Lammintausta, Pohjaranta, Tarassiinlahti and many other places.

    Capricorns are very nice animals! (Capreolus capreolus)
    Pictures have taken in Teterisuo 9.4.2016

Swans and Canad Gooses resting on a field in Tetrisuo.