The magic of winter

Animals and winter scenery

This past winter has been like winters before the old days: Snow and frost have shaped the landscapes fabulous beautiful. I am moved every day in the forests seeking a suitable description of the items. Ethylene has occurred in some unexpected situations, and I have been able to photograph the birds and mammals in their unnoticed. 

  The deer are in tight spot this winter, when there have been heavy frost and the deep snow. 

The tough eye of the Eurasian pygmy owl gets graph. There is no playing with this guy.

The Sparrow Owl is a dizzying predator! Despite its small size, if prey on small birds, although it is only slightly large in its catch. Mice and moles are also part of the sparrow owl's diet. It stores its prey in bowls in case of a bod day.

 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is a flimsy revelation

   I watched Lesser Spotted Woodpecker for an hour as it peeled off the bark of the withered birch twig      and grabbed the larvae in his mouth.

    The frost and light snow cover have made the birch fabulously beautiful.

The whit-backed woodpecker looks for larvae of birch beeches and also often makes a nest cavity in the birch trunk. 

Whit-backed woodpecker female is looking for larvae to rot birch.

    Whit-backed woodpecker is very beautiful bird. 
    The gray-headed woodpecker is a beautiful green color. It diligently visits in the feeding place. 

   The great spotted woodpecker are a common food guest in the winter feeding place.

The weasel is very difficult to photograph because it's clumsy and doesn't thrive in one place for very long.