The predator

The Ural Owl is very beautiful bird. It's nutrition are birds and rodents. Excellent hearing helps it find under the snow mouses and voles. 


A thrilling nature experience

I encountered a Great Grey Owl 

I was on nature trip in forest when I saw a great grey owl flying over a field. It plunged to the ground and stayed in place for a moment in a snowdrift. Soon the owl get up on its wings and flew to the aspen branch.
I walked cautiously closer and stay waiting if the owl got the catch. The owl followed me with its gaze and suddenly it take off and came straight towards me. I had camera ready and took lot off pictures.  The owl's gaze was locked straight at me and it crashed towards me.
When the distance to the owl was only about 10 meters, it changed the direction of flight and dodged me very narrowly. That moment was rousing.